Hoover-Vestavia Soccer Tryouts

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Hoover-Vestavia Soccer Tryouts

Thank you for visiting the HVS tryout page!  We are excited about having you are our tryouts!  Please make sure to register online and check out our quick checklist:

  • Bring a properly inflated soccer ball 
  • Put your name on your ball
  • Shin guards are required
  • White and black jerseys with numbers if possible
  • Dark shorts
  • Water for tryouts
  • Gatorade for tryouts
  • Arrive 15 minutes early
HVS Tryout Information

Registration Now Open!

Please go register for tryouts using the link below to stay up to date with the latest news and updates from Covid-19 and when tryouts will be held.  SIGN UP TODAY and be a part of Alabama's Leaders in Youth Development.

Please contact Mike Getman directly with any questions at mikegetmanHVS@gmail.com

Directions to SHAC - Click Here!

Directions to Hoover-MET Turf - Click Here!

HVS Directors & Liaisons

Mike GetmanDirector of Coaching
Tomas FoxExecutive Director
Rocky HarmonExecutive Director
Matt Van OekelDirector Of Goalkeeping
Justus GriffinBoys College Liaison
Kat NicholsGirls College Liaison

HVS Staffing

Boys and Girls All Ages

Please click here to download our Full Staffing Lineup for 2020-2021!  We are excited about our Soccer Staff to bringing you the highest level coaching!

Hoover-Vestavia Soccer

Register for tryouts today and keep up to date on all announcements and updates!

HVS Coaching Lineup

HVS Boys Staffing

Trey KnoxU122009
Carlo SchiavoniU132008
Justus GriffinU132008
Trey KnoxU142007
Ike UdehU142007
Oleg SinelnikovU152006
Justus GriffinU152006
Luke WhittleU162005
Carlo SchiavoniU172004
Mike GetmanU18-U192003-2002
Updated May 10, 2020

HVS Girls Staffing

Moises RomanU122009
Ike UdehU132008
Kat NicholsU142007
Amy DiskoU152006
Amy DiskoU162005
Kat NicholsU172004
Luke WhittleU18-U192003-2002
Updated May 10, 2020

Boys Tryout Schedule

Boys • Hoover-Vestavia Soccer Tryouts

2009 (12U) BoysOPENJune 15-Mon2:00-3:30 PMSHAC #4
2009 (12U) BoysOPENJune 16-Tue2:00-3:30 PMMET #2
2008 (13U) BoysOPENJune 15-Mon2:00-3:30 PMSHAC #3
2008 (13U) BoysOPENJune 16-Tue2:00-3:30 PMMET #1
2007 (14U) BoysOPENJune 15-Mon12:00-1:30 PMSHAC #2
2007 (14U) BoysOPENJune 16-Tue12:00-1:30 PMMET #3
2006 (15U) BoysOPENJune 15-Mon12:00-1:30 PMSHAC #4
2006 (15U) BoysOPENJune 16-Tue12:00-1:30 PMMET #2
2005 (16U) BoysOPENJune 15-Mon12:00-1:30 PMSHAC #3
2005 (16U) BoysOPENJune 16-Tue12:00-1:30 PMMET #1
2004 (17U) BoysOPENJune 15-Mon10:00-11:30 AMSHAC #4
2004 (17U) BoysOPENJune 16-Tue10:00-11:30 AMMET #2
2003/2002 (18U/19U) BoysOPENJune 15-Mon10:00-11:30 AMSHAC #3
2003/2002 (18U/19U) BoysOPENJune 16-Tue10:00-11:30 AMMET #1
Updated May 31, 2020

Girls Tryout Schedule

Girls • Hoover-Vestavia Soccer Tryouts

2009 (12U) GirlsOPENJune 15-Mon2:00-3:30 PMSHAC #2
2009 (12U) GirlsOPENJune 16-Tue2:00-3:30 PMMET #4
2008 (13U) GirlsOPENJune 15-Mon2:00-3:30 PMSHAC #1
2008 (13U) GirlsOPENJune 16-Tue2:00-3:30 PMMET #3
2007 (14U) GirlsOPENJune 15-Mon12:00-1:30 PMLP #13
2007 (14U) GirlsOPENJune 16-Tue12:00-1:30 PMMET Grass #2
2006 (15U) GirlsOPENJune 15-Mon12:00-1:30 PMLP #11
2006 (15U) GirlsOPENJune 16-Tue12:00-1:30 PMMET Grass #1
2005 (16U) GirlsOPENJune 15-Mon12:00-1:30 PMLP #12
2005 (16U) GirlsOPENJune 16-Tue12:00-1:30 PMMET #4
2004 (17U) GirlsOPENJune 15-Mon10:00-11:30 AMSHAC #1
2004 (17U) GirlsOPENJune 16-Tue10:00-11:30 AMMET #4
2003/2002 (18U/19U) GirlsOPENJune 15-Mon10:00-11:30 AMSHAC #2
2003/2002 (18U/19U) GirlsOPENJune 16-Tue10:00-11:30 AMMET #3
Updated May 31, 2020