HVS Affiliate Program Overview

Hoover-Vestavia Soccer was formed in the Spring of 2020 with one major tenant: we are stronger together. It is with that intent that we have created the HVS Affiliate Program.

The HVS Affiliate Program allows local clubs to align themselves with proven soccer professionals, who’s programming can provide a higher level of play then the player would get with their current club. The HVS Affiliate Program allows players to participate with HVS, all while still playing for their current club.

There are three levels of player participation:  

  • Club Zero, where players can train with HVS teams at no cost
  • Club One, where the player's primary team is their club
  • Club Two, where the player's primary team is HVS.

The HVS Affiliate Program allows players to return to their clubs for regular season matches, State Cup, Regionals, and tournaments. At the same time, it allows the affiliate clubs to provide a pathway to higher competition.

Additionally, all affiliated clubs are provided coaching clinics and special topics player sessions, at their venue- staffed by HVS staff. There are other benefits outlined in the terms sheet.

HVS is proud to count Hoover Soccer Club, NorthStar, NOW Futbol Club, Pell City Futbol Club, Trussville United Soccer Club, and Vestavia Hills Soccer Club as current Affiliate Members.

For further information, please contact Rocky Harmon or Tomas Fox for more information.

Rocky Harmon 

Hoover-Vestavia Soccer 

Co-Executive Director 



Tomas Fox

Hoover-Vestavia Soccer

Co-Executive Director