Frequently Asked Questions


MLS NEXT is a new paradigm for player development. A platform that will transform the way playears learn and grow.  Building on where we’ve been, but looking ahead to the future. Taking youth soccer to the next level. The future starts here.

Development Player League

We believe through superior experiences, players will be able to showcase their talent, discover collegiate opportunities and create community around the game. We are a standards driven national league connected to the Girls Academy that will encourage clubs to compete and grow, maximizing the development of their players.  By creating a cohesive framework in line with the most dynamic organizations in the country, where nothing is given and everything earned, we will raise the bar in youth soccer… together.


HVS is excited to announce that HVS teams that previously played in the NPL will now be playing in NEXT2!  This new league will include the same elite clubs that currently play in MLS NEXT.  NEXT2 will follow the same format and same rules as MLS NEXT.  NEXT2 will be operated by the National Academy League.  One major difference in MLSNEXT and  NEXT2 is that the NEXT2 season will run from September through December, allowing NEXT2 players the opportunity to play high school. The NEXT2 fall season will culminate with a National Showcase in Florida to end the fall season.

Southeastern Clubs Champions League

Through superior experiences, our 2011 teams will be able to showcase their talent, discover increased competition as they catapult their future and soccer carreers. The Southeastern Clubs Champions League is a top flight league formed by major clubs across the Southeast under the auspices of US Club Soccer with high level competition and exposure.