The Director’s Cut, Vol. 3-2

After nearly 6 weeks of training, all of our teams have finally played games that count!  We have an overall record of 51-43-9.  Please remember that winning is nice, but that is not what it is all about.  We play in the most competitive leagues because we want our players to learn and develop.  While winning every game is fun, we learn much more in close matches or even in losses.  Sometimes this is a challenge for young players to understand.  We do not measure our success thru wins and losses.  We measure our success by player development, team development, and long-term growth!

The weather has forced us to adjust our practice schedules repeatedly during August and we appreciate everyone’s understanding during these very rainy weeks.  Hopefully the weather will smooth out and we will not have so many changes in September.

Competitive Soccer is expensive.  Club Fees, Team Fees, Equipment, and Travel Costs all place a burden on each of our families.  Most of our teams have started fundraising efforts to help reduce these costs.  Please continue to support these efforts as often as you can.  So far, our teams have sold yard signs, hats, t-shirts, umbrellas, water bottles, towels, scarves, blankets and embroidery.  If your team has not yet held a fundraiser, please reach out to your team coach or team manager with your ideas.  We are always looking for ways to make money for our teams and reduce each family’s overall costs.

HVS continues to offer special services to help our players excel in all areas.  Goalkeeper Training, Athletic Performance Training, Nutrition Seminars, College Recruiting Seminars, Monday Night Training Room, and ACT Prep Courses, are just a few of the add on services we provide. 

Stories continue to roll in from around the country of clubs and states that are struggling with their referees.  There were games in Atlanta this weekend where the center referee was the same age as the players.  Over 40% of all referees have quit in the past 2 seasons.  Please accept that we cannot control the referees calls during a game.  More importantly, yelling at or intimidating referees, simply means they quit, and we end up with even less experienced officials.  Let’s make it a club wide goal to remind all referees that we appreciate them taking time out to help our kids play.


Mike Getman

HVS Director of Coaching