Luke Whittle announced Director of Operations for HVS!

Hoover-Vestavia Soccer is pleased to announce that Luke Whittle has taken on the role of Director of Operations.  Coach Whittle currently serves as the Director of Soccer for Vestavia Hills Soccer Club and he also coaches two teams for HVS.  He is one of the longest serving coaches in the state of Alabama.  The Director of Operations will be responsible for the scheduling of tryouts, practices, and games for all HVS teams. The Director of Ops will also organize all game day operations including hiring of officials and trainers.
Director of Coaching Mike Getman stated:
“I am very pleased to have Luke Whittle filling this role for our club. He has already been doing much of this work, now he will be recognized for all of his efforts and expertise."
Congratulation to Luke Whittle on his appointment and best of luck in his endeavours and future at Hoover-Vestavia Soccer!