HVS Announces NEXT2 League Affiliation!

HVS is excited to announce that HVS teams that previously played in the NPL will now be playing in NEXT 2!

This new league will include the same elite clubs that currently play in MLS NEXT.  NEXT2 will follow the same format and same rules as MLS NEXT.  NEXT2 will be operated by the National Academy League. 

One significant difference in MLSNEXT and  NEXT2 is that the NEXT2 season will run from September through December, allowing NEXT 2 players the opportunity to play high school. The NEXT2 fall season will culminate with a National Showcase in Florida to end the fall season.

“We are very excited to be able to offer this new format to our players. NEXT 2 provides better playing standards, better operating procedures, and less travel than our previous league.  We believe our players and our teams will benefit greatly.”

Mike Getman, HVS Director