NorthStar Soccer Announced as New HVS Affiliate!

Hoover-Vestavia Soccer has added NorthStar Soccer to it’s growing list of affiliate clubs.

NorthStar Soccer Ministries makes soccer affordable and accessible to youth across the city of Birmingham. Their after-School Outreach Program brings opportunity to all kids. The Club Team program provides the opportunity for our youth to develop their skills and participate in teams that compete in both recreational and state league level teams.

Now NorthStar players will have access to the highest level of soccer in the country, including MLSNEXT and NPL for boys, and DPL for girls. The HVS affiliate program allows players from affiliate clubs to train and play with HVS teams.

NorthStar Executive Director Paul Neville says

“We are excited about the opportunity to partner with HVS to provide access for higher level training for our most advanced players. The flexibility of the HVS affiliate program gives us an opportunity to expose our players to a higher level of play and higher level of training than we can provide within our own program, while at the same time making the experience manageable for our players.”

HVS Co-Executive Director Tomas Fox adds

“Here in Hoover-Vestavia Soccer, we are thrilled to welcome NorthStar Soccer to HVS. We are committed to continue adding more and more clubs within Alabama, to offer the most holistic soccer program for players in the state.”

There are now five official affiliates of HVS: Hoover Soccer Club, NorthStar Soccer, Pell City FC, Trussville United, and Vestavia Hills Soccer Club. For more information on HVS, visit