The Director’s Cut, Season 2, Vol. 1

Welcome to the start of year two for Hoover-Vestavia Soccer!

Practices have begun for all teams.  In fact, our NPL Boys are headed this weekend to North Carolina for the first official games of the season.  Our DPL Girls and MLS NEXT Boys will play some friendly games over the next few weeks with official matches starting soon afterwards. 

I would like to take a moment to remind everyone of our guiding philosophy at HVS.

Our Mission is to develop all of our players to the highest level possible. We strive to compete at the top level while focusing on each individual’s growth.

For players to reach their potential they need four key ingredients:

1. They must have good coaching to guide them forward. Just being a cheerleader is not enough. Coaches like teachers, need to inspire their students and motivate them to reach beyond what they already know.
2. Working with other motivated players is vital. Being challenged each day in practice will push even the best players to improve their game. What we do in practice 3 or 4 times a week will have much more impact than what happens in the games. Games are the test of what was learned during the week.

3. Having quality facilities allows us to teach at the highest level. It is hard to develop your understanding of the game if the ball bounces all over the field and never rolls straight.
4. Playing in good/equal competition is vital. I would rather lose a game 1-0 than win 7-0. In a close game our players are forced to focus. They know that any mistake might be punished. They will see and learn from those mistakes. Easy wins are fun and look good on social media, but they teach us nothing and may in fact create bad habits.

At HVS we will have the best coaches in the state working with our players. We will push players to be their best in an atmosphere that is fun and positive.

Because we are selecting the top players from around the state, we will have a highly motivated group. There will be great competition for every position, and this will make all of our players better from top to bottom.

Our Facilities are among the best in the nation. We have 9 turf fields, 14 Bermuda grass fields, new Futsal Courts, and use of the Finley Center in Hoover.

We will be playing our games in the DPL, MLS NEXT, the NPL and our youngest teams will be playing in ASA.  These highly competitive leagues will challenge us to an even higher level of success.

In just one year’s time, we have made so much progress.  We have elevated our quality of play, we have elevated the level of competition, we have brought in more of the very best coaches in the nation, and we have grown the number of players we are able to help and serve.

I can’t wait to watch these players in practice and competition.  Let the games begin!


Mike Getman

Director of Coaching