HVS Core Principles:

We are focused on delivering top-class player development for the top talent in Alabama.


The rules, regulations and format of our league are designed to enhance each player’s development. While team success is important, the primary objective of the club is to push individuals outside of their comfort zone, accelerate their growth and showcase their talents.


The daily environment is where the majority of development takes place. Quality coaching at high frequency with top players will better prepare players for meaningful competition. HVS not only provides high quality training environments, but more repetitions in those environments than any club in the state.


High quality coaching is central to the development and growth of players. HVS coaches are committed to the development of players and receive continuing education in a variety of formats.  We are constantly working with the leaders of our sport to provide the highest level of coaching and coach education.

HVS coaches are measured by the growth and development of each player – becoming a better player, growing as a person, attending college and beyond are the true benchmarks of their success.

Individual Growth

An often-overlooked aspect of elite player development in youth sports is the implementation of plans for individual growth. Each HVS player will receive a holistic plan for personal growth, including on-field, strength and conditioning, academic, college placement and specific support tailored for the needs of the individual.

Player Identification & Recruitment

COVID 19 has changed the recruiting situation for most colleges and most High School age players.  HVS has developed a sophisticated model to enhance the opportunities for our players.

We have implemented:

  • Creation of a College Coaches Committee
  • College Liaisons for both our boy’s and girl’s program
  • Digital Media Evaluation Platform
  • Virtual meetings among players, families and college liaisons to discuss the current landscape and process
  • Schedule regional showcase/rivalry games for older ages

We hope you see the value in all that we are doing to improve the development of our players. We also hope that you will help us spread the word to other players that may have an interest in joining HVS.