The fall season has ended.  Players, parents, and coaches get to catch their breath for a few days.

It has been a whirlwind! Practices started on August 3rd.  Six months later, the season ended with our final game, the 03/02 Girls taking a 2-1 victory from Charleston SC.  For our Senior players this was a bitter-sweet week.  Wins on the final weekend for both our Senior boys and girls was a great way to go out.  The end of their Club careers is an emotional time.  So many hours spent training and playing and traveling with this group of teammates and in a flash, it is over!

There were many highlights for this first ever season of Hoover-Vestavia Soccer.  Our 2004 Boys won the league with an undefeated record (12-0-2).  Our 08 and 09 Girls both finished 2nd in their leagues.  The 08’s won a thrilling 2-1 match over the 1st place CSC team on the last day of competition.  Our 04 Girls finished in 3rd place losing only 3 games in a 4 month span.

The 06 Boys finished 3rd in the league having never lost more than 1 league game in any month. The 05 Boys also finished 3rd having lost only 1 game in the last 3 months.  The 03/02 Boys went undefeated for 3 months racking up an 11-2-1 record down the stretch.

The High School soccer season is beginning, and I can’t wait to watch all of our amazing players compete for their school teams.  Many games will match HVS players against each other.  The competition will be fierce.  The rivalries between local schools are always intense.  Yet, the fun of competing with and against your Club mates is a great experience.

Our 2007, 2008, and 2009 teams will be back in training very soon.  And before we know it, we will be competing for trophies and championships once again.

Thank you to an amazing group of coaches who gave their time and their hearts to help these kids reach for their dreams.  Thank you to our Team Managers who somehow kept us all organized while a pandemic was raging around us.  Thank you to our Executive Directors Tomas Fox and Rocky Harmon who made the bold decision to partner with a past rival to make something new and better for soccer in Alabama.  Finally, thank you to all our amazing parents who allowed us the pleasure to share in your child’s life and development.

As the spring season begins, let us go out of our way to help others in need, let us respect each other, and let us try to be more kind to one another. And yes, let us all chase after our dreams while we make our world a better place!


Mike Getman

HVS Director of Coaching