It has been another good week for HVS.  On the boy’s side our NPL teams went 4-2-4.  The 04’s continue in 1st place while our 05’s are in 2nd and our 06’s are 3rd.  Congratulations to the 06-2 Boys who competed in the Div. 1 State Cup this weekend finishing in 3rd place.
On the girl’s side, we went 2-3-1 in matches vs UFA. Our 08’s are in 1st and our 04’s are in 4th. Our 09 Girls are currently tied for 2nd place in the State. The progress in the way our teams play has been clearly evident in all age groups.
A less glamorous side of HVS is our “Covid Committee”.  This group of dedicated individuals have guided our policies and practices.  Their hard work and recommendations have allowed us to keep our teams on the field for both practice and games.  While many other clubs have had to quarantine entire teams on a fairly regular basis, we have had all our teams on the field for most of the season.  Please continue to wear masks when watching our games.  Please stay socially distanced, and please use lots of hand sanitizer before, during, and after games.
A special shout out to last week’s “Coach of the Week” Taylor Holmberg.  Taylor is our Goalkeeping Coach and has done a great job training our keepers on a daily basis and helping to prepare them on Game Day.  The lower Goals Against Averages we are seeing on the field is in large part due to his efforts.
We are about a week away from HVS Night (Wednesday, Nov. 18).  At 6:00 PM our 09 Boys and 08-2 Boys will play at Liberty Park.  At the same time our 09 Girls will take on the ’10 Girls of Hoover SC.  At 7:00 PM the 03/02 Boys will play the 04 Boys and 03/02 Girls will play the 04 Girls.  All games will be played at Liberty Park.  Over 100 college coaches have been invited to watch and scout our oldest players at this event.  There will be free food for all HVS players wearing an HVS Jersey or Practice Shirt.
If you are looking for a Holiday gift or just a way to keep warm on these cool evenings, check out our HVS Hoodie.  They are being sold as a fundraiser and are a bargain at just $30.  For more details, please contact Mandi Jowers at
I look forward to seeing everyone on the fields as most of our teams prepare for a road trip to North Carolina this coming weekend.
Mike Getman
HVS Director of Coaching