Media Release: Friday, May 8, 2020

Hoover-Vestavia Soccer (HVS) has announced its participation in the National Premier League (NPL) South Atlantic division.  Director of Coaching, Mike Getman stated, "Hoover-Vestavia Soccer is excited to be a part of the National Premier League.  From day one we have wanted to create a better platform to enhance player development through a consistent playing environment and the highest level of competition.  Playing in the NPL will provide a tremendous opportunity for our players to challenge and showcase themselves on a regular basis against other elite clubs at the Regional and National level."

It was also announced that the following coaches will be working with Hoover-Vestavia Soccer:

Director of Coaching – Mike Getman


  • Boys U12 – Trey Knox
  • Boys U13 – Carlo Schiavoni, Justus Griffin
  • Boys U14 – Trey Knox, Ike Udeh
  • Boys U15 – Oleg Sinelnikov, Justus Griffin
  • Boys U16 – Luke Whittle
  • Boys U17 – Carlo Schiavoni
  • Boys U18/19 – Mike Getman
  • Boys College Liaison - Justus Griffin


  • Girls U12 – Ben Weaver
  • Girls U13 – Ike Udeh
  • Girls U14 – Kat Nichols
  • Girls U15 – Amy Disko
  • Girls U16 – Ben Weaver
  • Girls U17 – Kat Nichols
  • Girls U18/19 – Luke Whittle
  • Girls College Liaison – Kat Nichols

Director of Goalkeeping – Matt Van Oekel

Executive Director Rocky Harmon stated,

“It’s exciting to work to build something special- something better than what you could accomplish alone, and comes at a time when we all need to work together, more than ever. I am confident that this group of soccer educators will give the HVS players a great environment to develop and have fun.”

Executive Director Tomas Fox stated,

“What an amazing group of coaches. We have compiled the very best coaches at each age group.  Our players will be delighted and will learn so much from this amazing group.”

Tryouts for all HVS NPL teams are scheduled for May 30 & 31.

Check the website for times and locations.

Mike Getman
Director of Coaching